RDG Company LLC carries an inventory of materials including recyclable polythylene foams, stainless steel, aluminum, polypropylene plastic corrugated and polycarbonate sheets.  In-house waterjet capabilities transform your ideas to reality with minimum lead times.  RDG Company LLC partners with you as a solution provider to any project that needs that extra effort to see quality results.

Protective | Cushion Foam

We offer a wide range of foam materials
to meet your protective packaging needs.


SPecialtY | custom cases

From commercial, off-the-shelf cases with multi-color screen printing to highly customizable sewn canvas bags, RDG is
a leader in the multi-use case industry.

Packaging Consulting services

With 30+ years of experience and in-house engineering and design capabilities, RDG is the perfect partner to design, prototype, test and implement packaging solutions to suit your needs.  

WaterJet Cutting Capabilities 

Metal material cut with precision using our Waterjet Machine.

Wood material cut with precision using our Waterjet Machine.

Waterjet cutting offers many benefits, including the following:

Provides highly precise cut (can hold very tight tolerances)
Eliminates potential heat effected zones and thermal stress
Water stream never dulls like a conventional blade
Dust free cutting which is especially important when manufacturing class A foam parts
No need for special tooling or cutting dies cuts down on costs and lead-times
Unique part-nesting software provides maximum yield and minimum waste
Cuts wide variety of materials (PVC, Lexan, high density foams, wood products, aluminum, ferrous metals, and carbon fiber)