Polyethylene foam | pe

Polyethylene (PE) is one of the most popular foam packaging solutions due to its ability to withstand repeated impacts, dimensional stability and recovery, chemical and water resistance, and recyclability.  It is available in a wide range
of densities and thicknesses. 

We offer several types of PE, including: Extruded, Laminated,
Anti-Static, and HRC (High Recycle Content) 

expanded POLYETHYLENe foam | epe

Expanded polyethylene (EPE) and expanded polypropylene (EPP) are closed cell foams that are often used as lower cost alternatives to cross linked PE.  These materials offer cushioning at lower densities, have excellent recovery, are Class A surface compatible, and meet Automotive (FMVSS302) and Military
(CID-A-A-59136) specifications.

Crosslinked PE 

Crosslinked foam is a closed cell foam and is a certified Class A surface, which makes it extremely popular in the automotive industry.  This foam has heat lamination properties which can combine multiple materials, densities and colors to create 2-layer composite sheets.  It is available in in variety of colors and densities.  




Polyurethane is a lightweight flexible foam used in the medical, aerospace, bedding and packaging industries as a low cost protective element.  It is available in convoluted (egg crate) shapes which makes it unique to other foam solutions.